Reasons for Buying Used and Refurbished Computers Instead of a New One

Everyone needs technology these days whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Technology companies bring out new models every year to keep their profits up, convincing consumers they must have the latest CPU in their machine.

By choosing to buy a refurbished computer, you can break free of this cycle and still be able to buy a leading brand device from companies such as Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Our website has second-hand computers which are only a few years old which still have plenty of speed to carry out your everyday computing tasks.

Companies turn over their fleet of computers on a regular basis so a refurbished computer gives you access to these high-end business-class machines at a fraction of the cost.


Here is a summary of why purchasing refurbished computers is a good choice for your next PC:

  1. Save a lot of money

    A typical business-class laptop that originally cost $1500 new, you can pick up for around $300 when it is 3 years old. You will probably get 2-4 years (in some cases more) use out of it and even then, you could sell it on eBay for $100 when you need to get another one. This means your cost of ownership over 3 years could be as low as $70 a year, not bad bang for your buck.

  2. Use your savings for other things

    Why keep handing over money to large corporates? Use the money you saved to put towards fulfilling your mission, helping people, and making a difference in society.

  3. A computers life cycle is more than just a few years

    With hard drives and cloud storage becoming cheaper and cheaper, it does not matter as much these days if the hard drive is smaller than in the new computers. Put large files on an external drive and keep the strain off your PC making it more efficient.

  4. Buying refurbished computers means going green

    Computer equipment (and consumer electronic goods in general) are a massive source of environmental waste. The amount of fossil fuel it takes to make your PC, iPad, or laptop is enormous, causing depletion of the earth's raw materials. By buying a used computer, you reduce the number of new ones that must be made and extend the time the computer will eventually go to waste. So, you can feel pleased you have done something to contribute to our environment.

Refurbished computers help charities and not-for-profits save money, buy technology ethically, reduce the strain on the environment, and divert much-needed funds to helping people in need. We would encourage everyone to check out our range of refurbished computers and see just how much you could save.

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