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The Risks Of Second Hand Computers And Laptops

There are many risks and dangers associated with purchasing second hand and used computers, including but not limited to:

  • No Assurances With Quality
People purchase a wide range of used products all the time, some of which are great ways to save money, others can be very risky and leave you open to dangers. Products such as cars are a great example of where the second-hand market can be a land of opportunity; however, used electronics such as computers can be very dangerous.

With used electronics, you have no guarantees regarding the computer’s condition. Computers are made up of many components some of which are very fragile, if you’re purchasing from an untrustworthy source, do you know that the laptop or computer hasn’t been dropped?

  • The Computer Could Be Infected
If you’re purchasing a used computer from an untrustworthy source, it could be filled with lots of horrific malware, viruses, or even ransomware. However, even if you’re purchasing a second-hand computer from a friend or family member, the computer could still be infected without them knowing.

Computer viruses are similar to viruses that infect living things, they attach themselves to programs or files which enable it to spread from one computer to another. Additionally, just as viruses which infect humans can range in various different degrees of severity, computer viruses range from mildly annoying to significantly damageable.

Another type of malware is the Trojan Horse. This piece of malicious software will initially appear to be useful, however once installed or ran; it shows its true colors. Some are designed to be annoying, similar to a practical joke by changing colors of your desktop or adding silly icons, however other Trojans can be extremely dangerous, opening backdoors to your computer so malicious users can gain access to your confidential and sensitive information.

What Should You Do If You Or Somebody You Know Bought A Second-Hand Computer?

If you or somebody you know purchases a second-hand computer, it’s important that you boot up the computer using a rescue disk that includes an automatic malware scan. Blindly loading a computer and connecting it to your home WiFi is like bringing an item of furniture from somebody else’s home and using it without cleaning it first, it might be fine, but it you can’t be sure.

Another great security precaution is to remove the hard drive and add a brand new hard drive to the computer. This will then allow you to install a new operating system from an installation disc, or install it from a backup. Removing and replacing the hard drive is often a good idea, especially if you purchase a computer from an unknown seller, as you have no idea if they kept up to date with anti-virus and anti-malware tools, or if they downloaded their software from less-reputable sources in the ‘dark corners of the internet’.

Again, it’s very important that you take safety precautions even if you know the person who has sold/given you the second-hand computer. After all, malicious software may be present on the computer without their knowledge; they might be totally unaware of the danger.

What Are The Alternatives To Used Electronics?

If you’re looking to save money when purchasing your next computer or laptop, it’s worthwhile considering a refurbished model. By choosing an Amazon Certified Refurbisher such as PC Renewed you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to our 30 days no quibble returns policy and our one year warranty. Additionally, by purchasing from our collection of Grade A certified refurbished laptops, you will receive a product that has been fully refurbished to be as close to new condition as possible. We will also re-print the keyboard.

With regards to refurbished computers and laptops, you have the option to choose from a variety of different operating systems. This includes popular Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and the latest Microsoft OS, Windows 10 which is a very popular choice. Windows 10 has numerous new features, including the Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana who is integrated into the new Windows 10 web browser, Microsoft Edge. This means that Cortana can find information on the webpage such as a local business’ opening hours.

What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing Refurb Electronics From PC Renewed Limited?

In addition to our warranty and no quibble returns policy, our team are also on hand to help you find the computer that’s right for you. With terms such as central processing unit, chipset, random-access memory, read-only memory, video cards, and buses; we understand that computer components and hardware can be confusing for some people.

Our experts are here to assist you with your purchase, happy to help you choose a computer that is equipped with the components and specifications required to meet your needs. So if you’re searching for a computer for business, for leisure, or for your child to complete homework tasks; the PC Renewed online store has a wide variety of refurbished PCs and laptops to choose from, including many popular and well-known brands.

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For example, you could learn about different laptops which are great for watching your favorite shows on Netflix, with a few recommendations for those searching for something new to watch too. However, if you’re unsure what type of laptop or desktop computer is best suited to your needs, we also have helpful and informative guides to lend a hand, such as this guide to help you decide if you should choose a laptop or a desktop.

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