When it comes to replacing your hardware, nearly new can be as good (or better!) than picking up an unused machine. In this post we show why choosing to go down the refurbished/reconditioned path could pay off, both in terms of the hardware available and the savings you’ll achieve. Here are ten reasons why ’as good as new’, could be the right choice for you.

1. Mint in the box

Sometimes refurbished computers and laptops haven’t even been taken out of the box, or they might have been taken out, looked at and put back, barely handled at all.

“An analysis of outlet stores and other refurb dealers reveals that "refurbished" laptops that have been used are most likely returns that have been in circulation 30 days or less.”

Any return regardless of the fault has to be sold as a ‘return’ or a second. So you could be getting a brand new bit of kit – but at 2/3 or 50% of the original price.

2. A good spit and polish

When a second-hand laptop or desktop comes to us, our engineers have a really thorough look under the hood and subject it to full refurbish, to an excellent standard. We then provide our customers with Grade A machines, fully working, with minimal marks – ready for use.

3. Aim higher

You might have a particular brand in mind, but the spec you want is just out of your price range. Consider a refurbished laptop or reconditioned PC in the same model and you’ll be able to get what you want, at a fraction of the price.

4. Save your money

As we’ve said, refurbished IT is considerably cheaper. You can save as much as 80% on business or education use laptops and desktops. If you think that an average business laptop costs in the region of £500-£1000, whereas most refurb models sell for £100 upwards - you could be looking at a hefty saving.

5. Choose the right device for the job

Do not go for cheaper commercial laptops as the best option for your budget. These machines are developed with gaming/light surfing in mind. They’re not business/education workhorses and shouldn’t be treated as such. Business models:

- Are more durable

- Have multiple port connections (USB, printer, communications, smart card slots)

- Include more security features

- Contain fewer unwanted preinstalls (games etc.

6. Don’t get stung

There are loads of horror stories of shoddy Frankenstein refurbs made up of nasty parts. Always use premium, guaranteed resellers of second-hand equipment. Check for certifications, warranties, and whether all the kit (cables, cords, mice, etc.) will come with your refurbished product. We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but when it comes to refurbished products we are a Microsoft registered refurbisher, as well as a Dell, registered partner.

7. Contains moving parts

Reconditioned laptops and desktops are re-engineered for longevity. Often (with the exception of Macs) the backs are pretty simple to unscrew and a replacement added with no fuss. We sell all kinds of parts for you to hand-recondition your machines.  But also, if you need professional help, we’ll provide free advice and repair your hardware, for a small fee.

8. What do you really need?

You might want the newest model as it has a higher processing speed, better graphics, more memory, etc. But if you really analyzed your day to day work alongside your computer requirements, the new model (with its high price tag) might not be the best choice. If you choose a machine that’s a bit less powerful, a bit more basic, your business will still thrive and you’ll still have money in the bank.

9. How new is ‘new’? 

Ok, so maybe you do really want the newest model and you don’t want to compromise by getting an earlier refurb. Well, if you hang around a little bit, you could get exactly what you want at a much better price. HP and Dell both report very quick turnaround times for their refurbished goods, meaning you may only wait 3-6 months before your desired hardware crops up on a refurbished seller site. Now think how annoyed you’d be if you’d bought a brand new machine and three months later it’s ridiculously cheap. It pays to wait.

10. Software that’s right for you

Some resellers and manufacturers even update programming before resale. So you could get an older machine with some lovely new software. If you want, we can install Windows 7 Pro on our refurbished laptops and computers – just ask us.

Get on it…

Refurbished machines are a bargain. So if you see what you want, at a brilliant price, on a certified site (with good warranty options), we recommend you go for it, before it’s gone.

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