330W Portable Power Station, 299Wh Solar Generator Backup Power Supply with 2X 110V AC, 4X 12V DC, 4X USB Outlets, Emergency Power




Large Capacity&Pure Sine Wave: Gofort 330W/299Wh portable power station designed for almost any device less than 330W. 110V AC Outlet creates pure sine wave that well applies to home appliances. Each full charged battery will support the fan(30w) working for 8.5h, laptop(60w) for 4h and charge your s

Multiple Outputs Generator: 10 output ports charge different devices with one power station. Equipped with 2*110V AC output (330W), 2*Type-C ports (5V/2A), 1 USB port (5V/2A), 1 QC3.0 USB port (5V/2A) and 4*DC ports (12V/10A). Available for CPAP, laptop, TV, switch, drone, smartphone, camera, etc. (P

Durable&Portable with 3 Charging Options: Shelf sturdy built. Weighted 8.8lbs/4kg, easy to carry with one hand. 3 ways input, can be charged with AC wall charger, car charger, and solar panels (sold separately), MPPT installed for shortening charging time by 40%, convenient to recharge no matter at ho

Built-in cooling fan&Quiet Charging: Built-in fan keeping cool for the power station’s continuous working, realizing long-term battery life. Quiet while working, natural-based green power support environmental sustainability. An optimal necessity for camping, outdoor shooting, and backyard film scree

Battery Management System: Made with protection functions of overcharge, over-discharge, short-circuit, low voltage, high-temperature detection. Come with 1 x Gofort portable power station, 1 x car charger, 1 x AC wall charger, 1 x car cigarette lighter adaptor, 1 x USB LED, 1 X user manual, 1-year warranty. " SOLAR PANEL NOT INCLUDED!" 


Brand: Gofort


Gofort P56 Outdoor Generator

299Wh large battery capacity with 2 AC outlets, 4 DC outlets and 4 USB outlets.

Pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker(MPPT) which shorten charging time by 40%, and efficient solar generator when you hook on a compatible solar panel(18V/≥100W) for it, you can be connecting to the world with this solar generator in a deserted site as long as there's sunlight. Reliable for blackout, hurricane season, and other power outage situations. Decent for camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating.




Versatile Power Supply

Multiple outputs meet your power needs. Suitable for home, office, and campsite.

Compatible with all the daily small devices like iPhone/iPad, laptop, electric fan, TV, mini-refrigerator, etc.  


Compact and Solid for Outdoors

Dimension 25.6x 13x 16.7 cm,  easy to fit in your car or pack in your bag.

Sturdy built a shelf and tough pliable handle for easy carrying around.


Support Device Rated Under 330W

Ac outlets can power any appliance that the continuous power rated under 330W and surge power under 600W.

Some appliances like the refrigerator need surge power(2x running watts) to start. Please check the rated watts before the plugin.

Built-In Cooling Fan

Prevent the battery from overheating, extend battery life.

Working much quieter than most other devices in the market.


Digital Display

Battery level, AC/DC mode, and available ports are clearly displayed on the LED screen.




Convenient to Charge

AC wall charger and car charger for you to recharge the power station no matter in the house or in the car.

Cigarette lighter adaptor for most of the devices less than 12V.



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